Greece,  Nafplio,  Peloponnesos

Finally! Climbing pictures of us in Nafplio

Seen as Martijn and I are always occupied with belaying each other whilst climbing, there are practically no climbing pictures of us in action. We thought to make an exception and brought the camera and a tripod with us to the Karathona sector in Nafplio. With the timelapse setting, the camera takes pictures at a set interval automatically!

Climbing pictures of Martijn

In the slideshow below Martijn is climbing the stunning 6a route Nyhterida. An impressive slab with an airy mantle leading towards the end bulge with the anchor on top. Quite an adventure! Beautiful line <3.

Climbing pictures of Lucia

Lucia had a little 6c+ project here, and really wanted to finish it before leaving Nafplio. Trying this route a week or two earlier, the crux move was too difficult as you had to place a really high right foot and pull yourself up on two micro-crimps: very bad for the fingers! As we had time, Lucia decided to train her upper thighs to not have to rely on the tiny holds so much. Time to train for pistol squat progressions! Training these stretches and exercises for about a week made all the difference! The route was successfully climbed (see the crux move in photo 3) before Lucia mastered a proper pistol squat. But the training definitely helped a lot! This route must have the shortest 6c+ crux in the world. After these sweet but hard moves in the first 5 meters of the route, it is easy cruising till the anchors at 20 meters high. This must have been the shortest and most successful training for a specific goal. Liked it a lot!

Surrounding scenery

Some pictures of the beautiful surroundings of the Karatona sector in Nafplio. The beach you can see at the bottom of these pictures is where we were staying with the van during our two weeks in Nafplio. We had a lovely time here!

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