Greece,  Peloponnesos

Peloponnesos tour #5: hiking in the mountains

Lately, we have only been spending time in coastal regions. Greece is of course known for its exquisite coastlines, but there is also some stunning scenery to be found inland. Therefore, it was time for us to go hiking in the mountains!

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Monastery at the top

The hike was a one-way there and back route instead of a loop, unfortunately, but there was a very nice endpoint of the hike. A beautiful monastery with exceptional views over the valley.

hiking in the mountains
Leaving the mountains already…

However nice it was to be in the mountains again, it was bloody cold. During the day when the sun was out, it was all nice and warm. But we were parked up below in the valley where the sun would only reach for an hour or two during the day. At night time it would get a little below freezing temps. And on top of that, our gas bottles for the heater have run out!! So, after two nights here, we decided to move along again…

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