Most beautiful mountain lake
Italy,  South Tyrol

Most beautiful mountain lake in Europe? Hiking around the Pragser Wildsee / Lago di Braies!

Most beautiful mountain lake

My goodness, talk about the most beautiful mountain lake. I think this one is the winner! Bizarrely beautiful clear turquoise and icy cold water surrounded by idyllic grass meadows and stunning mountain peaks. What else do you want?

Next time though…

Maybe the next time you want to go for a walk like this, you want to pay attention to what day of the week it is… There are more people who like pretty lakes this! In the middle of summer, on a Sunday afternoon. This is probably the busiest day of the week. Not only tourists show up on a day like this. Also locals who like to take a nice walk around one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the world.

What we, unfortunately, found out a little too late: on busy days they close the roads to the parking lot of the lake. Because of this, we had to drive back quite a bit to be able to park, and walking around the lake was now more than 21 km, instead of the standard 3.5 km.

Most beautiful mountain lake & hike

Actually, this long version of the hike was really nice to walk. Because of this, we were not constantly in the crowds of all the tourists and walked along some beautiful valleys and villages on the route to the lake. All in all, we had a lovely walk through this beautiful area!

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